Maftir Yonah Segula

What's it all about
It is an age old tradition to buy the merit of reading Maftir Yona, which is read during Mincha on Yom Kippur. In fact in many shuls around the world, this great honor is bought for a very substantial amount of money, excluding most who dont have such means.

What are the merits?
The Previous Pebbe said in the name of his grandfather the Rebbe Maharash, that buying Maftir Yonah carries the segula for great wealth, as well as for success in our quest for tshuva.

The Rebbe once added, that it is a segula for many more good things as well.

How we do it at JRCC
In order to include as many as possible in this great merit, we've been offering the opportunity to anyone and everyone to join in having an equally full share of the merit.

While all other JRCC locations are selling Maftir Yonah for $770, we are extending the adjusted rate to $540 for Concord for one more year.

With a pledge of $540 - which can be paid throughout the year until next Yom Kippur, (comes out to just $45 per month, and may also be paid from maser money if otherwise not feasible, (see Taz Y"D 249))

For many people in our community this has become an annual commitment and tradition.

A special Mi Shebeirach is said following the aliyah blessing all those individuals who participated.

Q & A:

If I don't actually read the haftorah do i still have the merit?

Certainly. It's the buying of the rights of merit, more so than the aliyah itself that bring the rewards.

Can women participate?
Yes women have an equal opportunity to own the merits of this aliyah like any other aliyah.

(Many in our community  like to increase their merit by adding an additional $540 for their wives and for other family members)

Wouldnt it be better if i was the sole buyer of the merits?

Quite the contrary: the more people participate in the mitzvah the greater  the value and power of the mitzvah, and you thus have a share in a mitzvah worth many times more the value you could put in alone.

Consider the value returned to you as $54,000 versus the $540 you could afford to invest.

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