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Times and Locations

Our Local and Remote Locations


We offer a local Hebrew School for the community in Concord, on online virtual school, as well as other locations at the other JRCC branches.


1. The Concord Hebrew School will take place in our Centre located at 411 Confederation Pkwy, unit 14 on Monday Evenings between 5-7pm.

The Space is beautiful, large and clean with multiple rooms and spaces for the children to have the ability to learn with a clear head whilst keeping all the Guidelines related to Covid-19, as outlined Here.

2.   We are offering online Hebrew School classes through the zoom platform. From the comfort of your own home your child can connect with Jewish children across the GTA.

These classes take place on Thursday evenings from 5-6:30 pm.

3. The other Hebrew Schools serve other areas but operate on Sunday and other weekdays and are not far out from Concord, if Mondays dont work for your family.


To SIgn-Up for any of these locations please go to 'Registration'.

If you would like us to come to your neighborhood - let us know Here!

Entrance to Questrade From the Corner of Yonge St. and Hendon Ave.

jrcc on wheels.jpg

The JRCC On Wheels Giant Mobile.
It will be an Awesome Class Room!

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