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The JRCC is a Non-Profit communal organization - which operates through the Community's generous support.

While the JRCC Headquarters provides support to our branch yearly budget, the JRCC of Concord surpasses this!

Our fundraising goal for 2020 is $100,000.

In general there are 3 forms in which you can help us continue thriving and growing. 1. Chai Club. 2. Membership. 3. dedicating a specific project you particularly enjoy and connect with.

1. Chai club is a monthly contribution of any sum ($18 and up) you'd like. 'Chai' means life. It is through these small, but steady, donations that we can continue operating and serving the community.

2. Membership is a yearly contribution of $1,800 (or discounted at $1,200 a year), paid annually or monthly. A member benefits 2 complimentary seats for your family in Shul for the High Holidays, this of course is besides the primary benefit of giving charity and supporting a awesome institution!

3. Special projects. there are steady costs for certain ongoing projects as well as occasional new projects that are launched (such as monthly bills for our facility, Hebrew School etc.). please feel free to reach out and inquire regarding such projects and dedication opportunities.

Please click here for our detailed budget and 'action plan' for 2020, along with various options and ways to help us keep moving and growing!

Thank you!